The Elvis
Presley Show
December 13, 2018

It has been a while, but another book is now available with others to follow over the
coming months.

Elvis On Tour October 1976 is available for purchase.

If you would like to wholesale this book please let us know as we have a new process
in place in which you will deal directly with our publisher.

In the coming months there will be other new releases, the first of which will be a book
dedicated entirely to Elvis' concert in Champaign (during the October 1976 tour). Some
of the photos are previewed in 'On Tour October 1976' but to avoid overloading that
publication with so many images from just one show it was decided to produce a book
dedicated entirely to that show. It has the same binding and print formatting so that it
can sit alongside 'October 1976' on your bookshelf, but it has been designed as a
stand alone book so you do not need both if you do not want them.

As mentioned on some message boards three additional books are also currently
being worked on.

The first is an update of 'On Tour November 1971'. This expanded, updated and
corrected edition will be 100 pages longer than the first, coming in at about 250 pages.

Following that the next two releases will be April 1972 and March 1974. There is no
publication date yet for these as they are still works in progress, but they should
hopefully be finished in mid 2019.

Beyond that the plan is to "fill in the gaps" as much as possible. The June and
November tours of 1972 will be in a single volume because there is so little information
on the November tour it does not warrant a book of its own. After that the two tours of
1973 will also be the focus on either one or two books. Finally the June 1974 tour will
be produced, and that promises to be a long book.

Whenever this point is reached all of the early concert years will have been covered
and at this point in Elvis' career the news was less good. With much more negative
press appearing, how to proceed with covering this period is still being decided. The
negative will not be glossed over or ignored as it is an important part of the Elvis story,
but there is no enjoyment in reading books that repeatedly reiterate his troubles.
Thankfully that decision is not needed for a couple of years, and with several tours of
the period being excellent there is certainly plenty of good news still to be reported.

And this brings us right up to date with all the news on the series.

Thank you for your continued patronage.